11th January 2017

A Little Help

Former JET Rachael Cole loves her job as a Japan country specialist for a travel firm in Oxfordshire but when she returned to the UK in 2015, getting back into a career wasn’t plain sailing.

She is now offering mentoring for those who are settling back in the UK after life on the JET Programme. Find out her story and how you could become a mentor.

“I returned to the UK in August 2015 after spending a year on the JET Programme teaching English at elementary and junior high schools in Uji, Kyoto. I had such a fantastic time in Japan, forging memories that will be impossible to forget. I knew that my love for Japan and its quirks was something that I really wanted to keep developing in the UK.

My passion for the country led me to think about work related to Japan in one way or another but my Japanese language skills are pretty limited, making working for a Japanese company difficult.

Using a recruitment agency, I eventually found a job as a Japan country specialist at Audley Travel, in Oxfordshire. Now I get to spend every day telling others how wonderful Japan is, and persuading them they should definitely visit. I think you’d all agree!

I know that coming back to the UK and figuring out what to do next isn’t the easiest time so if you would like any help or advice, please get in touch with me on LinkedIn or Facebook or by email.” Contact:

Become a mentor

If, like Rachael, you are keen to help other former JETs settle back into the UK, by providing hints and tips or how you managed it, please get in touch so we can let the JETAA UK community know:

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