Autumn 2017 Chapter Roundup: Scotland

1st November 2017

Autumn 2017 Chapter Roundup: Scotland

This year the Fuji Festival presented 10 events, involving all of the 700 students at Law Primary School in East Lothian. Events also included several schools who dialled in for televised events and children from the home-school network. This year saw a particular emphasis on parental engagement. Parent events allowed parents and carers to learn alongside their child learners.

JETAA Scotland representatives presented on the topic of the festival at an educational conference at Edinburgh University, where we emphasised the potential of involving JETAA in Japanese education initiatives.

JetAA @ Fringe by the Sea

JETAA Scotland sang Japanese songs at Fringe by the Sea. They told the audience about their experiences on the JET Programme and even sang a song about their experiences. Dressed in festival happi coats, they also enjoyed a picnic/lost minute practice on the beach.

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