4th July 2017

Chapter Roundup: North West

Spring 2017 update


Since April, I have noticed more alumni coming to events and getting involved in the North West. I have been thrilled to see our events attracting new faces and enabling ex-JETs to get together.

Our pre-departure events for new JETs were particularly popular. Indeed, they were oversubscribed, which I think shows that JETAA is something people really want to be involved in. I know the new JETs soon to depart for Japan are really grateful to have alumni nearby to support them as they make preparations. I want to continue to encourage them before their departure as well as keep events going to help alumni connect with each other.

I feel more than ever that we have a really great JET community in the North West and it has been a pleasure to see so many smiles at our events. I intend to go forward in such a way that JETAA North West feels like something valuable and fun to our members.

New JETAA year

The beginning of April saw us elect a new committee, whose members are enthusiastic, motivated and fun to be around. These great characteristics have meant that already this year we’ve been able to put on a lot of events, ranging from literature talks to social events to nature walks. All have been well-received. Check out our event reports. More coming soon.

8th April: JETAA North West AGM at The Little Box of Treats in Warrington

29th April: The Dark Secret of Natsume Soseki: a talk by author and literature critic Damian Flanagan co-hosted by Japan Society North West at Summerville, Manchester

13th May: Nature walk and pub lunch in Formby, Liverpool (report coming soon)

20th May: Children’s Day at the World Museum, Liverpool.  Hosted by Japan Society North West with volunteers from JETAA North West

3rd June: Pre-departure meetup at Etsu, Liverpool

16th June: Pre-departure meetup at Yuzu, Manchester

Upcoming events

We plan to continue to have at least one event a month and intend to make them diverse so we can cater for as many people as possible. With so much happening in the North West, JETAA members, friends and family will undoubtedly find something to suit them, and have great fun. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.

8th July: Children’s Tanabata at Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight, Liverpool.  Organised by Japan Society North West along with representatives from JETAA North West.

Paper Crane Folding. We aim to fold 1,000 paper cranes and send them to Hiroshima Peace Park for the A-bomb memorial service in August.

August: Mini festival in Liverpool to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the JET Programme

September: Day trip to Wales to sample wushi (Welsh sushi)

September and October: A nabe party for JET returnees

October: A showing of a Japanese horror film at Liverpool Small Cinema to celebrate Halloween

11th November: Doki Doki Festival at Sugden Sports Centre, Manchester

18th November: Talk on Japanese woodblock prints by local art historian Frank Milner followed by a wine reception

December: Japanese style Bounenkai/Christmas event

I hope you will join us as our events are sure to provide you with some great memories.

Corrina Ellis

Chair, JETAA North West

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