JET Spotlight: Chris Murray

1st November 2017

JET Spotlight: Chris Murray

JET alumn Chris Murray first encountered Japan by chance but, since joining the JET Programme, his interest in the country bloomed into a passion. After completing JET, he moved to Tokyo to build on his experience as a film editor in Scotland and his awareness of Japanese language and culture to work as a video producer.

Jetlag asked Chris about his JET experiences and how he might keep the UK-Japan relationship alive through his work.

What inspired you to join the JET Programme?

I travelled to Japan during a round-the-world trip and was inspired to go back and spend more time learning about the culture. I looked into the JET Programme on my return to the UK and decided to apply.

How did you find your experiences as a JET?

They were extremely rewarding, which is a large part of the reason why I decided to stay in Japan as long as I have - seven years.

What have you been doing since finishing JET?

I moved to Tokyo and joined a Japanese VR venture company based in Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo, called Life Style, Inc. I now work as a producer/director in its creative department.

How do you think your current role can further UK-Japan ties?

I hope to contribute to collaborations and partnerships with VR creators and VR companies in the UK.

What are your professional and personal Japan-related goals?

Professionally, I want to improve my business development skills and continue to create relevant VR content. Personally, I want to continue to improve my Japanese language skills in order to communicate well in all situations.


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