Harajuku Kitchen, Edinburgh: review

8th July 2018

Harajuku Kitchen, Edinburgh: review

Submitted by a former JET: Hokkaido 2007-2009

The pitch: Award-winning, high quality Japanese food

Review: I’ve actually visited this place a number of times over the years and have been constantly impressed with the high quality food offered. The menu does get refreshed every now and then and specials are on offer. The décor of the place is fresh and light and makes for a pleasant environment. Shame about the noisy hand drier though!

The Vegetable Gyoza I had were decent and offered fried, but I think the meat ones are better quality. The dipping sauce tasted exactly like I got in Hokkaido. The Katsu Curry is amazing and is my go to dish! The sauce is thick and flavourful and the chicken was cooked perfectly, juicy inside and crispy panko on the outside (pork is also available). Most mains come with Miso Soup, which again was fresh tasting and refreshing.

One thing I love about this place is the variety of dishes available: curry, sushi, sashimi, yakisoba, udon noodle soup, and so forth, allowing people a good range of things to try. The perfect place to take someone new to the cuisine or who is put off by raw fish dishes. It’s also good to go in a group and share a bunch of starters and sides.

Point of note: Harajuku Kitchen has won a raft of awards over the year including best Japanese restaurant in the UK at the 2016 Asian Curry Awards and Best Street Food (Edinburgh) 2018.

Cost:  £17 for Vegetable Gyoza and Katsu Curry (I was very hungry!)

Location: 10 Gillespie Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4HW; 0131 281 0526



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