JETAA National Event

28th August 2021

JETAA National Event

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, our first truly national cultural event was a massive success. 

JETAA UK hosted a Summer Matsuri with a range of in-person workshops and activities all around the country.

Scotland, the North East, the North West and London each hosted an event that was streamed online and intersected with each other.

The North West was the centre of attention with their impressive performances at Taten park. Kotokimonoshodo and ikebana demonstrations were held throughout the day. There were also special guests who got involved;

  • Minister Ito, Minister for Public Diplomacy & Media, Head of the JICC
  • Callum Forbes, Coordinator for Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Japan (and a former JET)
  • Brendan Flanagan, Head of Rural & Cultural Economy at Cheshire East Council and Director of Tatton Park
  • Graham Hardman, former Chairman of the Japan Garden Society and recipient of the Kyokujitsu-shō
  • Ioan Davies, Chairman of the Japan Garden Society Northwest
  • Tim Evans, Chairman of the Japan Society Northwest

Everyone who came was treated to guided tours of the Japanese Garden at Tatton Park by members of the Japan Garden Society NW and Tatton park's own cadre of volunteers. A big thank you to everyone who worked tirlessly to make sure that the event went smoothly. 

JETAA Scotland hosted a Minyo session with Japanese folk music expert Dr David Hughes. He guided us through classic Japanese festival songs from Akita to Okinawa, and hosted a discussion on Japan's regional music. 

JETAA London had a summer picnic in Hyde Park. The day was packed with traditional Japanese games, origami, and Yukata workshops. We even smashed some watermelons! 

JETAA North East met for a 'Bring-your-own-Bento' picnic and origami workshops. These outdoor events all turned out great. 

Other JETAA members were able to stream the exciting performances happening elsewhere in the country and share stories of their time in Japan. 



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