JETAA Northwest Pre-Departure Events 2019

2nd July 2019

JETAA Northwest Pre-Departure Events 2019

JETAA Northwest Pre-Departure Events 2019

On June 8th and June 22nd, JETAA NW held social evenings in Liverpool and Manchester respectively for JETs heading to Japan this summer.  Incoming JETs and Alumni came together for an evening of delicious Japanese cuisine and socialisation as a farewell celebration.  There were many stories recounted, questions were answered, and everyone was able to share their enthusiasm about Japan and the JET life.

They were both wonderful evenings, and as an alumnus, it was delightful to re-experience the excitement and nervousness that permeates those pre-departure months.  Many of the 2019 JETs have incredible placements and asked some very intelligent questions about their expectations for the programme.  As a relatively recent JET returnee, it was also a fantastic opportunity for me to meet my fellow alumni and hear about their different experiences as they recounted them to the new JETs.

The food was also a real highlight- many thanks to Etsu in Liverpool and Yuzu in Manchester for being so accommodating and absolutely delicious!

I want to wish all 2019 JETs the best on their adventures, and know first-hand how many lives will be changed from the experience.  I look forward to when these new members return from their time on JET to join JETAA, all with their own unique experiences and stories to pass on to the next generation.

Until then, have fun and 頑張ってネ!


Summer, JETAA NW 

Sapporo, Hokkaido JET 2017-2018

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