JETAA NW Doki Doki Festival

28th December 2019

JETAA NW Doki Doki Festival

On November 9th and 10th 2019, alumni represented JETAA NW at the annual DokiDoki festival held at Sugden Sports Centre in Manchester.  It was a great opportunity to connect with other people who share a passion for all things related to Japan.  There were wonderful performances, including Taiko, singing, and dancing as well as many craft and society stalls and delicious and authentic food from warm and inviting obaa-chans.

At the JETAA NW table, alumni swapped stories with fellow travellers about adventures in Japan, laughing about all the things they missed, and some things that they didn't.  Most importantly, we had the opportunity to chat with several prospective applicants about the JET programme.  They were all well-informed and excited about the prospect of experiencing a new culture and seemed like perfect candidates.

It was fun to walk around the various stalls too.  There was Japanese jewellery, food, art, trinkets, and toys for sale as well as games and competitions, including a Japanese speech competition. It was wonderful to feel a part of the Japanese community again, and at times it felt as if we were back in Japan with the sound of Japanese music and the sight of authentic decorations strewn about.

Overall, it was a pleasure to represent JETAA NW and we would recommend the festival to anyone who misses Japanese culture, particularly authentic Osaka Takoyaki!  Finally, to all those who have applied for JET 2020- Good luck (頑張ってください)!!! 

JETAA NW member - Summer Jette-Gray

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