JETAA UK and The Great Virtual Balloon Race!

29th May 2021

JETAA UK and The Great Virtual Balloon Race!

We have partnered with Eco-Racing to participate in an environmentally friendly fun way to raise money for JETAA UK’s nominated charity, Ashinaga.


We have chosen a race which fits in with the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and the JET Programme’s Japanese heritage! The 1 week race kicks off on the 8th August 2021 at 12pm UK.


Look out for further information in the coming weeks including our unique link to create your balloon and join the race!


It is just £3 per balloon and you get to choose the shape and decoration of your balloon along with the thickness of the balloon skin and the amount of Helium at the start. You can follow the race live as the balloons are subject to real-time weather conditions.


With the purchase of ‘virtual’ balloons though the site, you are able to race against other JET alumni in a bid to see who's balloon can go furthest. All money raised from the purchase of the balloons via our unique URL will go to Ashinaga.


Prizes to be won – both in the main race (£500) and the mini JETAA UK race!


See who’s balloon will travel the furthest and win the prize?! Have some fun, celebrate the Tokyo Olympics!  And raise money for a good cause!


Further information coming soon!

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