New mentors on board

27th October 2017

New mentors on board

One-on-one support for returnees 

Transitioning back to life in the UK after a period of time on JET can have its ups and downs. That's why more and more JET alumni are becoming mentors for fellow alumni who are returning to the UK. This month, three more mentors have joined the ranks. 


Samantha Taylor 

"I lived in Japan for 10 years, first as a JET at the Hamamatsu Board of Education from 2004-2009. I have been back in the UK for two years and am still adjusting. I think people forget how long it can take. I sometimes feel bad talking about Japan this and Japan that, but it's unavoidable because that's where I was for a decade!

I think building UK-based foundations while not forgetting or dismissing your Japanese life is the best way to continue after returning 'home.'"

To get in touch with Samantha, please email

Cat Bailey

"I moved back in with my parents following JET while I looked for a job. Moving back in with my parents after having my own apartment was an adjustment and I felt a bit lost when I first got back and tried to decide between the pre-JET plan of publishing, which is not the easiest career nut to crack, or working for a Japanese company and maintaining my links with Japan.

I worked as an admin assistant for the JET programme, which eased me back into UK life gently as I could chat to my heart's content about how awesome Japan is. I took the best part of a year to get a “proper job,” doing some interning and bitty jobs along the way.

After a year, I moved cities and began my career in publishing. I still work for the same publisher but have changed jobs a few times. I now edit ELT materials and work with a lot of other ex-ELT teachers. It's great. We spend a lot of time swapping classroom war stories and eating international food - it's probably one of the few British offices where I could get away with eating natto at my desk.

 As part of my job I have also done some coaching and mentoring training, which I've really enjoyed. I live in Oxford so can meet with people nearby."

To get in touch with Cat, please email

Karl English

"I came back to the UK in 2001 after six years as a JET and then a private English teacher. My first job was administrator for a small Japanese travel agency. I developed the HR function while funding myself through a foundation-level Certificate in Personnel Practice and then a Masters degree in Human Resource Management. I have worked in HR for Japanese organisations in a variety of industries. I currently work for Les Ambassadeurs, London’s premier casino, as a bi-lingual (English/Mandarin) HR Business Partner.

With over 15 years of HR experience and knowledge, I want to assist returnees with the challenges they face on returning to the UK. I am happy to mentor one or two people. If you are interested, please contact me."


Want to be a mentor?

If you are interested in helping other former JETs settle back into the UK, by providing hints and tips or how you managed it, please get in touch so we can let the JETAA UK community know:


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