Spring 2018: North West Chapter Roundup

2nd April 2018

Spring 2018: North West Chapter Roundup


Happy Easter from JETAA North West! We hope everyone has had a nice few days off and the sugar has helped recharge your batteries. The new year got off to a very good start here in the NW. In January we collaborated with World Museum Liverpool to put on a Study Day exclusively for JETAA and Japan Society members. The chosen subject was netsuke and this drew in a very fast and widespread response from people who wanted to attend. We were thrilled to see some new faces and enjoyed the chance to get together over a shared interest. Then in March, our annual Hinamatsuri enabled us to involve some smaller, local groups of people. We held the event at Sugar and Dice Board Game café and encouraged people to try their hand at making makizushi. We were pleased to see lots of smiles and communication while we enjoyed our meal. We’ve found that these educational or hands-on type events attract a lot of interest and make for increased interaction among members so we plan to have more of these kinds of events this year. As well as JETAA members, friends and family are always welcome too so bring some people along to our next event as you’re sure to have a fantastic time with us.

EVENTS: January-March 2018:

January 20th - Study Day, Liverpool

Members of JETAA NW and Japan Society immerse themselves in the study of Netsuke                                                                                                                                                                                  

A chance to go behind the scenes of World Museum Liverpool and learn about netsuke from the Ethnology Department Assistant Curator. We were given an overview of the types of netsuke, their purpose, and how the museum acquired such an extensive collection. We learnt how to handle museum objects and studied some exquisite netsuke. It was a special chance to see Japanese craftmanship up close and take some amazing memories home. 

The traditional art of makizushi rolling

March 6th - Hinamatsuri, Sugar and Dice Board Game Cafe, Liverpool 



Our annual get-together to celebrate Girls Day was an opportunity to try your hand at making makizushi using fish, vegetables, rice, and seaweed. We learnt that the traditional rolling technique should make sushi square-shaped, not round. A celebration of girls couldn’t finish without cake and so we enjoyed matcha cupcakes with green tea. It was a great, fun way to engage with Japanese people and celebrate their culture.

PLANNED EVENTS: April 2018-onwards:

April 15th - JETAA NW AGM and Karaoke After Party

Meeting at Cane and Grain, Manchester, for a pub lunch and your chance to contribute to JETAA NW this year. Followed by a true Japanese-style After Party with some karaoke at Lucky Voice at Tiger Tiger. RSVP to Joanne at by April 12th if you’d like to attend. 


At the NW AGM on April 15th, a new committee may be elected and an Event List for the year will be put together so there are no future events set in stone yet, but over the last year JETAA NW has worked hard to make some valuable connections and the following collaborations are in the pipeline for the coming year:

  • Study Day II with Japan Society North West and World Museum, Liverpool.
  • Samurai to Jedi: talk by writer and critic Damian Flanagan, Manchester.
  • Talk on contemporary Japanese artists by Mike Stubbs (Director of FACT Cinema, Liverpool) followed by wine reception.
  • Japanese baking lessons with SugarSalt Café, Chester.
  • Annual folding of 1000 paper cranes to send to Hiroshima Peace Park.

I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved in events so far this year. The current NW committee has been working well together, not only as members of JETAA but also as a group of friends, and with their continued support and enthusiasm we are sure to see exciting things continue to happen this year too. Do come and join us as you are bound to find something to suit you and will make some wonderfully fun memories in the process.

Corrina Ellis - North West Chapter Chair

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