Review of Tea Sutra Teahouse

29th November 2021

Review of Tea Sutra Teahouse

Newcastle has a lot of great places to eat, but down Leazes Park Rd, just a couple of minutes walk from Haymarket or Monument metro stations, you can find Tea Sutra. 

Run by a Japanese tea enthusiast this tea house bends Japanese cooking with vegan styles from all around the world. From the moment you enter, you're hit with an air of Indian inspired relaxation. The owner is fascinated by the subcontinent and its vast array of tea, hence the name and the decor.

It's a soothing atmosphere inside, with chill music coming from the kitchen and the aroma of hundreds of teas that line the walls. There is a variety of seats, some cushions on the floor and some with more back support but not a lot of disabled access. The Tea House is up a set of narrow stairs with few parking opportunities outside.

The food is distinctly Japanese, both savoury and sweet. I sampled a delicious matcha cake with our tea. It was not too bitter but had that recognisable matcha kick to it. This cake was vegan, just as all of the dishes at Tea Sutra are. Often vegan cakes can be bland or heavy but not this one that was light and pleasantly sweet.

Tea Sutra's vegan meals are a bit more of a stretch for the palate. The okonomiyaki was more of a quiche. It was nice and was reminiscent of okonomiyaki despite its smooth centre and pastry base. After getting over the initial shock of my food not looking like or having the texture of what I thought I had ordered, I cleaned my plate and enjoyed this totally new food. 

Tea Sutra is definitely worth a try for the adventurous carnivore or the dedicated vegan. I prefered the tea and cake, but that is what the place specialises in. 


By Alfie Blincowe

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