JET AA Scotland

JET AA Scotland has been one of the most active chapters in the UK: in the past three years, regular events have included a Hanami picnic in the spring, a Summer BBQ and Nijikai for new JET participants, a career fair and Bonenkai.

In 2023, we organised an Autumn - Koyo Festival in the Japanese Garden in Dollar, Cowden, Clackmannanshire. The festival was truly successful with more than 40 volunteers displaying and demonstrating various aspects of Japanese culture including bonsai, Japanese calligraphy, origami folding, haiku poetry workshop, kamishibai story telling for children, dressing in yukata, kyudo archery and Sumo wrestling. In all, more than 350 people attended the festival.

While the chapter is most active in Edinburgh there are frequent efforts to organise activities in Glasgow and other areas around the country. JETAA Scotland holds an annual general meeting to elect the committee members who then hold regular meetings throughout the year to organise and attend events for its members and the general public interested in Japanese culture.

With the support of the Japan Society of Scotland and Japanese Consulate in Edinburgh, we are currently planning a two-day summer festival in the Scottish Borders on August 24th and 25th 2024. This is the largest event JETAA Scotland has held in over a decade and, in addition to all elements of the last year’s autumn (Koyo) festival, it is going to feature many new elements of the Japanese culture in Scotland, including a Karate club, sashiko workshops, a photography exhibition, Enka singing, shamisen and koto playing, boro stitching, folk dancing and singing, presentations and talks by The Edinburgh University academics (also members of the JSOS) on Kabuki theatre and on historic Japan-Scotland relations. Close to 50 volunteers and participants are expected to take part in this festival which will be held at Shambellie House in New Abbey near Dumfries.

There are currently close to 200 subscribed JETAA Scotland members on our mailing list. JET AA Scotland is also active on social media and has its own Facebook and Instagram pages:


2024 - 2025 JET AA Scotland Committee 2024

Zeljka Letica – Scotland Chair (3 years consecutive)

Polly LeGrande - Treasurer (3 years consecutive)

Colin Johnston - International Representative (3 years consecutive)

David Robinson - Communications Lead (2 years consecutive)

Matt Sanders - General Member

Charlotte Boswell - General Member

Jacqueline Reid - General Member


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