22nd August 2017

Certificate and Diploma in Communicative Japanese Course at SOAS

The Diploma in Communicative Japanese programme at SOAS Language Centre in London is designed to prepare students with no previous knowledge of Japanese to live and work in an Japanese-speaking environment.

Rohit Gupit-"My first experience with Japanese was as a language teacher in Japan on the JET Programme and while my interest in all things Japanese never diminished, sadly my language ability did. After numerous (failed) attempts at self-study and keen to progress much further beyond my basic ability, studying the Diploma turned out to be the right choice for me

While the course was an intensive and challenging year that tested both my ability to learn and passion for Japanese, it gave me the structure and space to progress in an environment where the more you put in, the more you got out. The regular testing of grammar and Kanji, combined with homework and assignments, at first overwhelmed but were key components for continuous learning. Furthermore, practical exercises such as writing compositions or letters, and presenting speeches enabled me to apply my accumulated knowledge to my own interests and experiences.

In addition, the course’s Hagio award, which gives a student the opportunity to conduct a project of their choice in Japan, is rare opportunity that allows for reinforcing what you've learnt as well as an unforgettable experience!"

Course costs:

Term 1: £3000

Term 2: £3000

Term 3: £3000

Term dates:

Term 1: Monday 25th September 2017 - Friday 15th December 2017

Term 2: Monday 8th January 2017 - Wednesday  28th March 2018

Term 3: Monday 16th April - Friday 29th June 2018

Sign up:

You can join the course either from term 1 or from term 2. We do not accept new students on to term 3

To join from term 1

Term 1 of the course is starting Monday 25th September If you are interested, please send in the application form ASAP to

You can find the application from our page:

To join from term 2

Term 2 starts from Monday 9th January. Students can join from term 2 provided they pass the assessment test. You will need to be somewhere between N5 and N4. Again, if you are interested, Please contact Shin Okajima at

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