JET Departure Events a Success

20th November 2021

JET Departure Events a Success

We recently got word of a new wave of JETs departing for Japan from the UK. It has been a turbulent time, to say the least, with no one quite sure what the future holds, but another batch of assistant teachers have nonetheless embarked on a journey that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Events were held up in all of our chapters to impart advice and calm the nerves of anyone flying out soon.

JETAA Scotland and JETAA North East England hosted two online advice sessions for anyone departing for JET this year. Attendees got the chance to hear from JET alumni about their experiences and network with other leavers. 

JETAA also held in-person events in the North East, North West Midlands, and London. These were all a great success, giving alumni a chance to live vicariously through the new departures and also to answer any of their burning questions. Guests were treated to complimentary drinks and food as they pondered over exciting futures in Japan. Now all of them can depart with the knowledge that we all struggled but ultimately enjoyed our life in Japan, and should they decide to return to the UK, we will be waiting to include them in all of our exciting events. 

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