JETAA North West Hina Matsuri

18th March 2018

JETAA North West Hina Matsuri

Hinamatsuri in Liverpool


On March 6th, JETAA NW held its annual Hinamatsuri at the usual location, Sugar and Dice Board Game Cafe.  Though Hinamatsuri is known as Girls Day, and our get-together usually falls just before International Women’s Day, the event was open to all and we were pleased to hold it alongside the local Go Club.

Though it is traditional to eat chirashizushi on Hinamatsuri, we decided to make makizushi instead.  We had various fillings like smoked salmon, tuna, prawns, and crab as well as lettuce, cucumber, and egg...

We learnt how to roll the sushi properly from our Japanese friend.  Did you know that makizushi is supposed to be square, not round?  There is a special technique to rolling it and we all had a go...

The final product wasn’t perfect but it tasted good, especially with some matsutake soup to go with it...

Of course any celebration for girls cannot finish without a bit of cake!  The owners of the cafe, who are also JETAA members, made green tea cupcakes for us which we really appreciated and enjoyed with a cup of green tea...

All in all, it was a fun celebration of Japanese culture and a great chance to chat amongst alumni and also meet some of our local Japanese community.  Indeed, it was the first hinamatsuri for our friend’s baby so it was quite a special event.

If you missed out this time, not to worry.  We will certainly be holding another get-together in the near future so watch this space.  Until then, take care!

Thank you for reading this.  Best wishes,

Corrina Ellis - JETAA North West Chair.

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