Japan and UK to collaborate on Aerospace

7th August 2022

Japan and UK to collaborate on Aerospace

The annual international Farnborough airshow was held from 18-22 July 2022. Professionals across the aerospace industry discussed future plans for aerospace, ranging from Low-emission air travel to military defence. 

One of the Key takeaways was that the UK government is working towards a deal for Japan to help build the UK’s next-generation Tempest fighter jet.

This is part of the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) programme; a project that involves the Ministry of Defence and the Team Tempest industry partners, led by BAE System.

The end goal is to create a supersonic Jet that will surpass all others, becoming the best in the world, within the next five years. 

The first prototype Tempest aircraft is being developed by the FTSE 100 manufacturer BAE Systems at a facility near Preston. Rolls-Royce are tasked with building the plane's engines.

There was a Japanese project to design an F-X fighter, but it looks like that will now merge with the joint the UK and Italy project.

Ben Wallace, the UK’s defence secretary, said: “Our work with Japan and Italy on cutting-edge technology like this shows the benefit of our alliances across the world.”

The UK government has increased defence spending since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Sharing the cost of the project and collaborating could be a massive money saver. Some analysts estimate it could cost up to £25bn.

The UK’s defence secretary went on to say "The design and development of the demonstrator aircraft represents an important milestone, showcasing the success and talent of our engineers, programmers and software developers. This programme will go on to attract opportunities for many more great minds and talent from across the UK"

He aims to attract the brightest minds to FCAS. They have a website hoping to recruit people to a variety of companies involved with the "‘Generation Tempest". No doubt they will now be looking for those who know how to communicate with Japanese businesses for the upcoming collaborations. 

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