Restaurant review: Suki Suki

19th May 2024

Restaurant review: Suki Suki

Suki-Suki is fantastic pan Asian restaurant on Deansgate in Manchester. Fashionable and affordable, the restaurant has great window decals and a kitch little counter to order your food downstairs. Upstairs, you'll find two cosy, but not cramped, seating areas. 

Their menu boasts a wide variety of options, many vegetarian or vegan. Here you can see the vegetable gyoza cooked to crispy perfection. 

One of the house specials is the salt and pepper chips. Incredibly moreish for those carbohydrate lovers.

I had the sukiyaki. A classic Japanese dish that I have found to be more popular internationally than in its native country. There was plenty of chicken in a thick, rich sauce, served with surprisingly flavourful fried rice that made for an intensely satisfying meal. 

The atmosphere was welcoming, the food delicious, and the staff helpful. Suki-Suki is a must-visit for any Asia-inspired foodies who find themselves in Manchester. 

Cost: £13-£17 per head. 

Locations: 227 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EN

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